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Radioactive Cupcakes! fundraiser for Marie Curie cancer care: Leeds UK - This Sunday!

Radioactive Cupcakes - a fundraiser for Maire Curie Cancer Care
This is a charity event and donations for the bring and buy sale or baking for the refreshments would be greatly appreciated!! Message us here or email if you would like to help ^-^

16th August at the brudenell social in hyde park, leeds - 1pm - 10pm

earlier in the day we will have:
Bring and Buy sale with japanese fashion stall with handmade craft items and limited art prints, plus general bric or brac stalls for bargains galore! An artist has also kindly offered to come to do portraits onthe day. Also homemade cupcakes, tea and maid cafe service for refreshments.From 5pm onwards we will have bands playing!

k - as the shanghai syncopators!
dj PD playing later on with pretty much everything from muse, conway twitty, tool, rasputina and aphex twin with a techno edge..ooh

the cupcake shoppe have offered to bake for us at cost price so we will have some beautiful radioactive cupcakes for sale on the day!

Also we will have an artist who has very kindly offered to come to do portraits on the day:

Big thanks to those who already donated, we've had such an awesome response and the lolita stall is going to be fabulous on the day :D we've even got jsks, skirts and brand items for sale!
we have quite a few volunteers now for helping out with the maid cafe and bring and buy but if anyone else is interested we will almost definitely need more on the day. Or if anyone just wants to come along thats great too just let me know and i can supply directions etc. I also have a3 posters and flyers now if anyone thinks they can help promote the event?

If anyone can confirm if they are definitely coming and if they are going directly to the venue at 12 or meeting at leeds train station at 11.30am that would be great :)
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