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Manchester's Affleck's Palace TOKYO ROYALE & Upcoming VK Nights

Hello NW_JFashioners!

I'm sorry, I'm a really awful maintainer of this community, so I do apologise. But welcome to everyone that's joined! :D I'm actually not supposed to be online right now, so please forgive this quick message.

Recently I went to Manchester (with university friends, nothing jfashion related, sorry!) and we found this shop: TOKYO ROYALE. However I know nothing about lolita fashion at all (not my interest), but I think the more Japanese fashion is available in the UK, the better! :]

Also they did mention they were thinking of starting Jrock/Visual Kei nights in Manchester, as they both have DJing experience! Just thought everyone here would be interested in either one of these facts.

Thanks for reading!
Tags: information, lolita, shopping, visual kei
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