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Manchester's Affleck's Palace TOKYO ROYALE & Upcoming VK Nights

Hello NW_JFashioners!

I'm sorry, I'm a really awful maintainer of this community, so I do apologise. But welcome to everyone that's joined! :D I'm actually not supposed to be online right now, so please forgive this quick message.

Recently I went to Manchester (with university friends, nothing jfashion related, sorry!) and we found this shop: TOKYO ROYALE. However I know nothing about lolita fashion at all (not my interest), but I think the more Japanese fashion is available in the UK, the better! :]

Also they did mention they were thinking of starting Jrock/Visual Kei nights in Manchester, as they both have DJing experience! Just thought everyone here would be interested in either one of these facts.

Thanks for reading!
Tags: information, lolita, shopping, visual kei
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:DDD Very intersting news! Thanku! *plots*
Thank you, hope it's of some use. :)
It's really nice to have a lolita shop in manchester, I don't really reccomend their clothes though, I guess they do sell some nice stuff but it is expensive. They may well have good accessiories though.
Hopefully if enough people let them know, they'll improve. :) Sorry if I gave out bad information and thanks for your recommendation!
"We are unique in the fact that Kira Krueger is a genuine gothic lolita and has a keen interest in all things Gothic and lolita." Sure she is O_o

Talking to one of the shop keepers, they seemed surprised so many people were into these fashions, so perhaps more exposure to fans with more experience helps? I don't really know about gothic lolita OR English gothic fashions!

Sorry if I gave bad information!
Its certainly been open since October, I remember walking past it when my friend wanted to go to Soho's.

I would have a look round but I'm yet to get my friends to stop gawking at the threshold.
I see I see, I remember someone saying SOMETHING about a "j-rock shop" in Affleck's, so I've been wanting to go for a while, but I could only find this. I'm most interested in their visual nights, haha!
Also they say not for people to comment images at it will slow the site, my computer almost crashes every time I set foot on that site with all the shit they added to make it look fancy.

Which they failed at.
Tokyo Royale, imo, is a terrible shop. Most of the clothes aren't very nice and are overpriced. I can forgive them sort of because they don't have a lot of space. They do tend to have a Gothic Lolita Bible hanging around though if you feel like nosing at that :p

If there's a jrock night in Manchester I am so there :D
Oh, thank you for telling me! :) I try and learn about lolita because, even though I'm not interested in wearing it, it's nice to understand. (Omg if I ever tried to wear it I'd get so much wrong :/)

I'll keep you posted if I hear anything more! :) Can I ask if you find out anything else too would you mind posting it here? Thanks! (Sorry, I'm a crap mod)
I'd go to a jrock night in manc, even though i hate jrock itd be fun :P especially if theres more lolitas going.

yeah tokyo royale, i bought a blouse from there which was cute and well made, the stuff in store varied but not bad on the whole, unfortunately they were charging so much for the clothes it would be better buying brand. Also some of the designs were straight from the G+L pattern books, which is kinda a bit off putting for me, i mean they should use their own designs esp. since they are a business and the patterns are copyrighted for business use.

Its a real shame cos i was so excited about having a loli shop nearby, hopefully this is just a shaky beginning and they will improve.
I heard they'd play some "lolita bands" too, I have no idea what that is (I'm really ignorant of it, sorry! Trying to learn about it so I don't offend anyone with my ignorance though XD), but they mentioned some group from Canada?

I think I saw designs from the Gothic & Lolita Bible from something I remember a friend made too. I could be wrong but, I'm sure they're open to nice suggestions (such as the points you made :D) and then hopefully they'd improve and get a lot more business from people here!
Wow, really?

Any idea when it would be/where? I can't go on myspace since it crashes my computer.
Probably in Manchester, as far as I remember! :)
wow that sounds so gd. where's it being held?
soz to ask but i saw u were the maintainer. i'd rly like to join this community but my computer is not showing the join community or watch community banner - it's hidden by the layout. is there a way round this?