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New member

Name: Briony
Age: 20
Location: leeds

Favourite fashion styles: Love Lolita have delved into ganguro but tis difficult.
Favourite shops/brands: Babyssb, Vivienne westwood, Meta, Angelic pretty.

Music: Metal, girly metal, no J!rock or vis kei
Likes: Fashion, Cute things, Hello kitty, expensive make up, being a bitch.
Dislikes:  Boring clothes. People who hate you for not wearing boring clothes. Fisherman's pie.

Jane Marple dress, HeartE head bow, Bodyline shirt.

Me and fiona in the streets, the only reason i look stupid is cos i'm sneering at layla, she sucks.
Outfit is Meta music note skirt, socks and beret, vivienne westwood cardi, demonia boots, bodyline blouse. Hello kitty bag! woo.

Some false nails i made today they are really quite decorative but you can't see that because layla chose really busy note paper for the background.....*sigh*

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